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  • Rack and pinion lift with increased sharpening angle

Rack and pinion lift with increased sharpening angle


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The nozzle, which increases the angle, will allow sharpening knives up to 36 ° per side (in a standard case up to 22 °). The total sharpening angle in this case will be 72 °! Similar angles are used when sharpening a knife to the state "to chop nails". In addition, there are many knives with one-sided sharpening at 30-35 °. Rack-and-pinion lift K-03 with an increased angle. It will allow you to upgrade your K03 machine without replacing the entire case. Suitable only for K-03 and K-01RP models! Easy installation - replacement is done independently in 3-5 minutes.

Tags: reechnyy podyomnik s uvelichennym uglom zatochki, ts-pt1900140, tsprof sharpening, clamp, series profile

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