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Rotary symmetrical clamp for double-sided sharpening without resetting the knife. The design of the clamp allows you to rigidly and symmetrically clamp knives with complex blade geometry. It is well suited for hunting and folding knives with a wide butt. It is not recommended to sharpen knives with a narrow butt on a single clip, since it can bend when sharpening. Recommended length of clamping knives: 50-200 mm. The minimum width of the knife is 20 mm, the thickness in the butt is 5 mm, the angle range is 10-32 degrees (for wide knives, the range may vary). The clamp jaws are made of hot-tempered, spring-spring steel 65g... Does not fit the K-01 model. Sponge bolts and flat springs can be purchased separately.

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