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  • Narrow abrasive holder

Narrow abrasive holder

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A convenient holder of abrasives allows you to quickly reinstall various bars, blanks and other tools. The bearing plate along the entire length of the bar provides additional rigidity of the attachment of abrasive stones and removes unnecessary loads, thereby this plate makes it possible to work with brittle stones without using forms.

The distance from the handle to the stone does not depend on the length of the abrasive, this increases control during finishing operations.

The narrow abrasive holder is ideal for working with narrow bars, 150x12x3 mm in size, for sharpening recurve, concave and convex shapes of blades, penknives and folding knives, such as multul from victorinox.

Light weight, excellent control and overview of the cutting edge during operation.

The design of the clamp is facilitated by reducing the thickness of the metal.

Weight: 100 gr.

The rigidity of the holder is increased! Due to the tight fit of the auxiliary plate with the load-bearing rod

Monolithic milled clamps are made of aluminum alloy D16T, and precisely with

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