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Double clamp


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Rotary symmetrical clamp for double-sided sharpening without resetting the knife. The design of the clamp allows you to rigidly and symmetrically clamp knives with complex blade geometry. It has a mechanism for independent reinstallation of the clamping jaws. Suitable for table and sirloin knives with a narrow butt. Unlike a single clamp, thin knives can be clamped in a double one. If in a single clamp such knives will bend, in a double one, thanks to the 2nd clamping points, thin knives will sit rigidly. But, unlike a single clamp, in a double clamp, the jaws are narrower, 16 mm wide, so it is not recommended to clamp knives with a butt wider than 3.5 mm. The minimum distance between the sponges is 40mm., the maximum is 130mm. Recommended length of clamping knives: 30-300 mm. The minimum width of the knife is 20 mm, the thickness in the butt is 3.5 mm, the angle range is 10-32 degrees (for wide knives, the range may vary). The clamp jaws are made of hot-tempered, spring-spring steel 65g... Suitable for the K-01 model. Sponge bolts and flat springs can be pr

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