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  • Trouble-free rotary mechanism
  • Stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle
  • Suitable for all types of knives and tools
  • A set of abrasive stones "Profile" made of silicon carbide, which are suitable for sharpening knives from most steel grades.
  • All-milled clips and all-milled fillet clips made of aviation aluminum
  • The device for sharpening into a lens
  • is a small universal table, designed for sharpening scissors, ice drill knives, chisels and other tools
  • Single clip, for knives with complex blade geometry

  • The modification of the K03 case has no deviations along the horizon, the knife is clamped parallel to the table. A modern rack and pinion lift with stepless adjustment allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.05 °. The range of working angles is from 7° to 23°, which allows you to sharpen knives at a common angle of up to 46°.

  • The movable part is connected to the base by a dovetail, which guarantees absolute accuracy of the angle setting. And an additional fixing screw will allow you to lock it tightly

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Sharpening device "Profile"
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