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  • Professional set of Venev diamonds on the letterhead

Professional set of Venev diamonds on the letterhead

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One-sided diamond bar 200/160 100%

One-sided diamond bar 100/80 50%

One-sided diamond bar 50/40 50%

One-sided diamond bar 20/14 25%

One-sided diamond bar 7/5 25%

One-sided diamond bar 3/2 25%

Bundle Brand: V2-01


Suitable for sharpening systems of the Apex, BEETLE, Profile, Blitz, Cadet format.

Venev diamond bars are suitable for all types of steels.

The bars must be used when sharpening knives, axes, scissors, razors, chisels and other cutting tools.

Lubricating and cooling fluid:

As a coolant, it is recommended to use water, soap solution, water with cleaning agent (fairy, etc.), oil can also be used.

Maintenance of bars:

Alignment, correction, "cheering up" of the Venev bars occurs with the help of silicon carbide.

Tags: professionalnyy nabor venyovskih almazov na blanke, kamni, diamond bars, abrasives

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