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Luxor polishing paste, yellow, 0.3 microns

  • Brand: TSPROF Sharpening
  • Product Code: Полировальная паста Luxor, желтая, 0,3 мкм
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This paste is used to obtain an average polish.

It is designed for polishing metal and accelerates the process of working with an abrasive.

It is used on muslin, bristle, cotton, felt brushes and circles.

It can also be used for polishing surfaces with hard natural stones. 

Technical specifications:

It is supplied in the form of a cylinder - About 30x80 mm.

The size of the abrasive material is 1 micron.

Weight - 100 g.


70% is abrasive (aluminum oxide).

30% is a binding material.

Advantages of LUXOR polishing pastes:

• High-quality selected raw materials. The paste consists of a mineral binder and aluminum oxide (other manufacturers use cheaper iron oxide). Does not contain animal fats. The remnants of the paste from the products are easily washed off in an ultrasonic bath.

* A huge percentage of abrasive material in the paste – up to 70% (other pastes have only 30-35) allows you to get significant paste savings and processing time.

* Very precise size of abrasive particles (for their semi

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