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Firecube field oven-woodchipper


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Firecube camping stove-sliver (Firecube), compact and simple, allows you to cook food and boil water in any field conditions. 

Say goodbye to fuel problems — you will no longer have to spend money on gas cylinders. The firecube works on everything that burns: chips, branches, cones. In any forest there is an almost endless supply of fuel for a Fireball. 

The most powerful heat with the most powerful materials — all parts are made of durable steel with a thickness of 2 mm, which reliably holds the heat. The wind is not a hindrance, the efficiency will remain maximum. 

A convenient form in a minimalistic design — The thickness of the Firecube when folded is only 1.5 cm. It easily fits into a bag, is assembled in two steps and is stably installed on any flat surface. 

Thoughtfulness in everything — even the bag we designed, taking into account all the features of using a Fire Cube: it is perfectly ventilated, and does not absorb dirt, all parts perfectly withstand any temperature: -40 ° to +50 °

The universal Soldier is the optimal size of the Fire Cube.

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