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Diamond paste AFM 3/2 NOM (in a syringe)


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Syringe 20 gr.

Grain size: 3/2 microns.

Abrasive concentration: NOM (normal)

Paste Consistency: Soft

Diamond paste 3/2 NOM is a fine polishing agent of a narrow range of granularity based on synthetic diamond powder. Designed for polishing products made of hard-alloy materials, non-metals, non-ferrous and ferrous metals. 

The paste consists of diamond powder, a binding fat base and surfactants (surfactants). The paste has a thin ointment-like consistency, thanks to which it is easily distributed over the entire treated surface. When working, it has not only mechanical, but also chemical effects on the material. The surfactants that make up the paste remove slags and chips formed during polishing from the processing zone, facilitate washing. After processing, the paste is washed off with organic solvents (gasoline, kerosene, etc.).

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