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The updated flagship of sharpening systems will help to achieve the perfect knife sharpening even faster, more accurately and with great convenience. Complete with Axicube-I, the first electronic goniometer designed specifically for sharpening systems. It has never been so easy and convenient to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1°, the goniometer is built directly into the abrasive holder. The holder itself consists of two steel guides. The special-shaped coupling provides a rigid and precise connection. No deflections and maximum accuracy. The rack and pinion lift has acquired a steel rail with an involute (toothed) engagement, providing stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle. The slider is driven by a brass gear wheel, thanks to a pair of steel-latun, smooth movement of the slider is ensured. For convenience, a laser scale of sharpening angles is applied to the slider. The K03 Pro profile does not require calibration and is assembled in a couple of minutes.

The modification of the K03 Pro case has no deviations along the horizon, the knife is clamped parallel

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Sharpening device "Profile"
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