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The nozzle for lenticular sharpening of knives from the Profile Technology Studio is presented in the form of a replaceable adapter, which is easily mounted on the abrasive holder. The adapter provides a uniform change of angles across the entire width of the feedings, as a result of the work, the radius shape of the lens is obtained. Lenticular sharpening (Convex) shows itself very well under shock loads, during the cutting of reeds, coastal shrubs and grass, large raw bones, keratinized branches, it turns out to be much more effective at deep cutting compared to knives with V-shaped sharpening, provided the blade thickness is similar - this is due to less 'sticking' to the material.

The kit includes: an adapter with a range of 4.3 degrees, fasteners for mounting.

Tags: nasadka linza tsprof, 4, 3, ts-pt2000240, tsprof sharpening, clamp, series profile

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Sharpening device "Profile"
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