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The TSPROF Kadet® Nero knife sharpening system is the perfect knife sharpness wherever you are. Universal clips allow you to sharpen both compact folding knives and solid hunting knives.

TSPROF Kadet Nero is anodized in black according to the international Qualanod standard. Anodizing is used to improve corrosion resistance and strengthen the structure of the aluminum surface. This coating method allows the device to maintain its perfect appearance for many years. 

TSPROF Kadet Nero has everything for the highest quality sharpening: a knife rotation mechanism, the ability to set any angle from 8.5° to 28.5°, rigid construction and absolute precision in every detail.

The rotary mechanism of the TSPROF Kadet Nero sharpener will help to maintain the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. After the flip, the lever firmly fixes the frame with clips.

The TSPROF Kadet Nero frame is compatible with any clips from the Profile K03 sharpening system. Fillet, single, classic double clip and even a small station wagon

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