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TSPROF Blitz Pro is a professional version of a compact knife sharpener. Blitz Pro, an indispensable assistant for sharpening most knives, from the smallest folding knives to large kitchen knives. Overall size of the device: 13x12x12cm, and the weight is only 1.5 kg. It is easy to take it with you on a friendly outing in nature, it is convenient to store it at home. 

Blitz Pro is equipped with a Flip-n-Sharp rotary mechanism that allows you to sharpen the knife without removing it from the clips. A unique feature of the device is the V.C. Angleset system. Setting the angle to Blitz occurs due to the movement of the knife relative to the virtual center. Which gives additional comfort when sharpening and reduces the impact of abrasive on the cutting edge. 

The Blitz Pro case has a black anodized finish made according to the international Qualanod standard. Anodizing gives the sharpener a stylish appearance, strengthens the aluminum structure and increases corrosion resistance. 

Blitz Pro is equipped with solid-milled aluminum clips, which are

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