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  • A set for leveling abrasive stones

A set for leveling abrasive stones


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Package contents: Tempered glass, a set of 4 types of silicon carbide grinding grain (80, 230, 400, 600 grit.), silicone legs 5 pcs. Glass size: Diameter 300 mm, thickness 10 mm. Due to its diameter, it is considered universal, suitable for leveling and finishing most abrasive stones on silicon carbide powder. Recommendation for use: before starting work, wipe the glass and make sure it is clean. Apply a grid marker to the abrasive stone in order to monitor the result of alignment. Pour a small amount of silicon carbide powder of the required thickness on the glass (see the table), in this set there are 4 types of silicon carbide powder. Add a little water, and with movements resembling the "eight" drive the stone along the surface of the glass, try not to push too hard. Add water in time (for convenience, you can use a spray gun), do not allow drying and the formation of a "plasticine" suspension. At the end of the work, be sure to remove the chamfers from the abrasive stone, a little by

Tags: nabor dlya vyravnivaniya abrazivnyh kamney, ts-ms1900230, tsprof sharpening, abrasives, polishing and finishing

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