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Set of diamond bars with three-layer coating (4 pcs.)


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A set of diamond bars with a three-layer coating (4 pcs.). The set is designed for rough, rough roughing. The bars are made on a galvanic bundle. They provide intensive metal removal and can be used for the cutting edge of a knife that has significant damage (chips, jams, etc.). They work noticeably more aggressively than bars on organic and metal bundles with a similar grain size. This is achieved due to the protruding diamond grains, while in the metal and organic bond, the diamond grains are sunk into the binder and mixed with it. The bar contains a triple diamond coating. The diamond layer is located on both sides of the bar, with the same grain size on each side. The concentration of diamonds in the layer is 100%. The geometry of the working plane is smooth on both sides, the bar does not need to be leveled, the diamond layer is opened during operation. A set of diamond bars comes in a nylon case. 


Length:150 mm

Width:20 mm

Height:3 mm

Granularity powder

Tags: nabor almaznyh bruskov s trehsloynym napyleniem 4 sht, nab3h4, tsprof sharpening, abrasives

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