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Ceramic musat TSPROF


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TSPROF ceramic musat is a reliable assistant for straightening the cutting edge of a knife, which is suitable for any brand of metal of any hardness, as well as for ceramic knives. Ceramic musat has a hard, smooth surface and is suitable for knives up to 28 cm long, and due to the increased radius, the greatest contact with the cutting edge is ensured. 


Rod material: Ceramic

Working surface length: 250 mm

Handle length: 132mm 

Hardness: 8 units. Moosa

Diameter: 14 mm 

Weight: 250g 

Musats TSPROF Sharpening it: 

You no longer need to re-sharpen knives regularly. Performing preventive edits with a frequency of 1-2 times a week, you can maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge until the next sharpening. 

Convenience in storage. The musat from TSPROF is equipped with a large plastic handle with a special hook, so it is convenient and safe to store it in a specially designated place.

Save your time. The edit removes a much smaller layer of metal, and between sharpenings the knife will always be with

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