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Whole-milled Kadet fillet clips are designed to fix knives with a butt thickness of up to 3.5 mm, on a TSPROF Kadet Expert sharpener. The radially convex shape of the outer surface allows you to set minimum sharpening angles less than 7.5° per side. 

The clamps have two types of screws included:

- Shortened, designed for sharpening thin knives, at minimal angles;

- Standard, designed for knives up to 3.5 mm.

The clamps are made of a single piece of aviation aluminum, allow you to adjust the clamp to any shape of the blade and ensure the symmetry of the installation. Thanks to the two gripping points, the deflection of the blade is excluded. It is possible to move the clips independently, along the entire length of the frame. There is no need for calibration. With these clips, it becomes possible to sharpen knives with "Scandinavian descents" along the line of descents. Suitable for kitchen and sirloin knives with a narrow butt, keychain knives, dangerous razors, knives with "scandi-descents", etc.


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