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  • Poltava elbor for stripping "PREMIUM" 100/80

Poltava elbor for stripping "PREMIUM" 100/80


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Elborovye bars for sharpening with a solid working layer, made of cubic boron nitride. The bars are characterized by high hardness and resistance to high temperatures. In addition, elborovye bars are very resistant to various chemical components of alloys and steels.

Premium elborovye bars, in terms of softness of work, are comparable to Japanese water stones, and in terms of durability they are dozens of times superior. In the line of elbors, there are bars with different grain sizes, which allows you to process knives from rough sharpening to finishing finishing.

The bars do not require preparation.
Detailed information
Abrasive Size 15,0 x 2,5 x 0,3
The size of the form 16.0 x 2,5 x 0,3
Grain size on the GOST scale (microns) 100/80(в107)
Type of abrasive Эльбор (кубический нитрид бора)
Abrasive Powder Concentration (%) 100
The thickness of the abrasive layer of the bar (mm.) 3
Type of abrasive bundle Медно оловянная М1001
Design features
Bevels of aluminum blank 45°
Mounting like a "dovetail"
Compatibility Profile K03, Cadet, Blitz

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