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DOUBLE-SIDED DIAMOND BAR, (S), 7/5-3/2 (OSB), 100%


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A Russian-made diamond bar from the Venevsky Diamond Tools Factory. Unlike abrasive stones, diamond bars wear out much less, so they are recommended to work with hard steels. Suitable for standard abrasive holder for Blitz sharpener. Sharpening on diamond bars does not require special oil – it is enough to slightly moisten it with water. The bar is made on an improved organic OSB bundle. This is a modernized bundle, which is based not on a grinding powder, but a micro-powder of the AFM brand, made of synthetic diamonds of normal abrasive ability. The difference between the OSB bundle and others is that boron carbide is not used in it. In addition, the abrasive layer on it is not sintered, but glued to the body of the metal plate. The absence of unnecessary inclusions of other abrasives makes it possible to do softer and finer work. The OSB bundle is ideal for hard steels at small angles.

The sides are marked with the grain size value according to the GOST scale.


Tags: double-sided diamond bar, s, 75-32 osb, 100, ts-sh2001110, tsprof sharpening, diamond bars, abrasives

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