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A Russian-made diamond bar from the Venevsky Diamond Tools Factory. Unlike abrasive stones, diamond bars wear out much less, so they are recommended to work with hard steels. The diamond bar is double-sided. The sides are marked with the grain size value according to the GOST scale.

Stone size: 200x35x10 mm. 

Grain size 1 side: 20/14 microns. 

Grain size 2 side: 7/5 microns. 

Diamond powder concentration: 25%

Recommendations for work: make sharpening with soap foam or water. To clean the bar from salting, use water and a brush. Alignment is performed on the glass using silicon carbide powder, diamond paste is used to fine-tune the bar.

Tags: double-sided diamond bar 2014-75 25, 2014-75 25, tsprof sharpening, diamond bars, abrasives

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