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Sharpening angle magnifier. This is a budget solution to expand the capabilities of the standard K03 profile.

The sharpening angle magnifier is designed to increase the maximum sharpening angle on the rack-and-pinion sharpener Profile K03. It is installed between the body and the rack and pinion lift, increases the angle by 6 degrees, when using two magnifiers together, the angle can be increased by 12 degrees. Comes complete with two screws. The magnifier has a black matte anodizing.

Attention! The minimum sharpening angle when using an angle magnifier is also increased by 6 or 12 degrees (when using the magnifier in pairs).

It is intended only for the sharpener Profile K03.

Tags: uvelichitel ugla zatochki, ts-pt2000210, accessories

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Sharpening device "Profile"
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