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Pocket microscope with backlight

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A mini-microscope with LED illumination is an improved version of a stationary large microscope with the same zoom, but reduced dimensions. Allows you to enlarge the image up to 6 times. It has the function of ultraviolet illumination.

The microscope allows you to observe the state of the cutting edge and the burr during the sharpening process. It uses zoom and backlight technology. To use it, you need to bring the microscope lens to the knife, turn on the LED backlight and adjust the sharpness. The pocket microscope is powered by 3 batteries.


* Body Material: Plastic

* Zoom lens: x60

• Color: Silver

* LED backlight: yes

* UV filter: yes

* Power type: LR1130 batteries, 3 pcs. (included)

* Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2 cm

* Weight: 16g

 Accessories: Leather case

Tags: mikroskop karmannyy s podsvetkoy, ts-ms1800260, accessories

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