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Digital USB Microscope

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A digital microscope is a modern optical device that allows you to monitor the sharpening process using a laptop or computer. Through a USB cable, the microscope displays an image of the samples under study on the monitor directly in real time. In addition, the microscope allows you to record photos and videos during operation.

The microscope gives magnification in the range from 50 to 500 times. Focusing is done manually – the controller is placed in the center of the case. For directional illumination of drugs, built-in LED illumination is used. It is located around the lens of the lens, consists of 8 bright LEDs and allows you to make observations even in dark rooms. The backlight only works when the USB cable is connected.

Included in the package is a tripod that allows you to adjust the angle of the microscope. The rotation angle is 360°. The base of the tripod is made of metal, which shifts the center of gravity down and gives the structure additional stability. You can fix the mic

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