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  • Brand: TSPROF Sharpening
  • Product Code: TS-MS2101070
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Protective case for the Kadet sharpener.

The impact-resistant case for the TSPROF Kadet Expert sharpener is made by injection molding from high-quality ABS plastic with IP-67 protection class. The case has high strength and can be used at temperatures from -40C to +90C, it is also equipped with a valve for equalizing atmospheric pressure. The accessories of the case are made of polypropylene, hinges and locks are reinforced with steel cylinders, and the body is stiffened. The case also has hinges for padlocks. The handle has a rubberized coating. It has a window for marking. 

The lodgements are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material. This is an environmentally friendly high-performance foam rubber - a composite polymer material related to polyolefins. It has a porous structure with high deformation resistance and good elasticity.

External dimensions:

Length: 320 mm

Width: 280 mm

Height: 130 mm

Internal dimensions:

Length: 292 mm

Width: 230 mm

Height: 107 mm

Protection class: IP67

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