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Lubricating and cooling fluid for abrasive stones based on oleic acid. Designed to facilitate the sharpening process, it is suitable for abrasive aluminum oxide stones, as well as for diamond bars and natural natural stones. Eliminates overheating of the cutting edge during a long sharpening process. Suitable for removing sludge from stones after sharpening with a dry cloth.

Non-toxic, it is a liquid based on monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids with the addition of additional additives. For application, it is enough to apply a few drops on the working surface of the stone. Add liquid as needed.

Designed specifically for the sharpening systems of the Profile Technology Studio.

It comes in a convenient package.

Do not use inside!

It is not intended for lubrication of moving parts of mechanisms.

Composition: Oleic acid with additives.

Capacity: 60ml

Tags: maslo dlya zatochki, 60 ml, ts-ms2000330, abrasives, polishing and finishing, accessories

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