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  • KosiM Pro Stone Set - F 150 F 320 F 600 F 1200

KosiM Pro Stone Set - F 150 F 320 F 600 F 1200

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A set of KosiM Pro oil bars made of silicon carbide F150, 320, 600, 1200 grit are glued to aluminum forms.

They work with carbon stainless and powder steels. The highest world-class quality. All products pass the highest control and have all the necessary quality certificates. KosiM was developed specifically for sharpening knives on manual sharpening machines. For those people who value their time – the stones work very quickly and very efficiently. Sufficiently high abrasive ability without exerting extra effort. Very high concentration of grains. The highest production culture. Without large inclusions. Without the addition of used grain and questionable quality of raw materials in general.

F150, 320:

they are used for rough processing and forming blade feeds, changing the sharpening angle, repairing and straightening the cutting edge of the knife;


designed for finishing the blade feedings. Remove risks and scratches from a bar of larger grain. It is used for regular sharpening dir

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