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  • Cosim oil for synthetic abrasives, 100ml

Cosim oil for synthetic abrasives, 100ml

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Made on the basis of mineral oil. The main efficiency of work is based on additives selected for certain tasks.

Fast work.

Active cleaning.

Protection of processed metal.

Pure stone.

Efficient heat removal.

Work with hard-to-work steels.

Slightly thicker compared to the previous one.

For oil stones.

Preferably used for grinding hard metals.

It has a special technology for

increase tool life and prevent

cobalt and nickel leaching.

It is also suitable for high-quality sharpening of all types of steel. Including the processing of non-ferrous metals.

It has excellent working safety conditions without reducing work efficiency. Which is extremely difficult to achieve without going beyond the high requirements of occupational safety.

Increases the speed of metal removal.

It is not recommended in a combination of stones on a soft bundle and viscous steel. There will be increased wear and tear.

The reverse side: you can make the stone work if it slips earlier

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