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A block of the Venevsky diamond Factory of the premium series on a flat aluminum plate. The abrasive layer on this plate is not sintered, but glued to the body of the plate. Already out of the box, such a bar is ready to work, it does not require alignment on silicon carbide.

The bar is suitable for basic sharpening.

The 50/40 side is made on an organic B2-01 bundle. The organic binder consists of phenol-formaldehyde resins and various compositions based on them. Which, when hot pressed, are bakelized into a solid and sufficiently strong substance that holds the cutting grains in the working layer of the tool. At the same time, such a bundle will be strong enough and viscous, but not rigid enough. To stiffen it, abrasive grinding powders are added, for example boron carbide.

Side 20/14 is made on a new upgraded OSB bundle. The difference between the OSB bundle and others is that boron carbide is not used in it. In addition, the abrasive layer on it is not sintered, but glued to the body of the metal plate. Missing

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