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Abrasives "Profile"


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A set of abrasive stones Profile. The set includes 5 abrasives on aluminum forms. Abrasives for sharpening knives Profile - universal stones made of silicon carbide, which are suitable for sharpening most grades of steel. 

The set of stones for sharpening the profile contains abrasives of various grain sizes: from 120 to 1000 grit. Such a set will be enough for all types of work, from roughing to final grinding.

Additionally, the set includes a bag-case for storing stones.

Material: Silicon carbide

Stone size: 150x25x6 mm

Size with blank: 160x25x9 mm

Quantity in the set: 5 pieces

Grain size (FEPA, grit): F120, F220, F400, F600, F1000

Storage case: yes

Scuffs and light white stains are allowed on the working surface of the stone. They do not affect the operation of the abrasive. Small chips are allowed that do not affect the working surface of the stone.

Recommendations for work: Soak in water, work with water. You can work with oil, the ceramic bundle will not suffer from oil. The stones are quite versatile and prigo

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Sharpening device "Profile"
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