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The abrasive holder allows you to quickly reinstall various bars, forms and other tools. The bearing plate along the entire length of the bar provides additional rigidity of the attachment of abrasive stones and removes unnecessary loads, thereby this plate makes it possible to work with brittle stones without using forms. The abrasive tool is as close as possible to the longitudinal axis of the holder, which significantly improves control over the movements of the bar during sharpening. The holder allows you to quickly install various stones.
The distance from the handle to the stone does not depend on the length of the abrasive, this increases control during finishing operations. The abrasive holder allows you to install stones with a length of 150 to 200 mm.

The abrasive holder is equipped with a convenient and simple platform for electronic goniometers.

The combined bevels of the clamping jaws are 90+45 degrees.
Clamping jaws: width 24 mm
Width of the carrier plate: 24 mm
Working height: 5 mm
Min/max dimensions of the abrasive: 150/ 200 mm
Weight: 159 grams

Tags: abrasive holder, ts-pt1900120, tsprof sharpening, clamp, series profile

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